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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pi (update 4)

I have now added a lot more material to my A Great Big Circle web site, detailing what I have found hidden in Kate Bush's song π (Greek letter p) on her new album Aerial. My previous posts on this topic can be found (in reverse chronological order) here, here, here, and here.

I recently went on a field trip down to the Land's End area of Cornwall; this region features extensively in the hidden information in π. Whilst I was there I visited various places to check out some ideas that I had about what might be hidden in π, and this reinforced my confidence that this hidden information is the result of intelligent design by the composer (i.e. KB), rather than self-delusion by the listener (i.e. me).

People love to deride A Great Big Circle, and basically accuse me of "doing a John Nash". That's an understandable criticism, which I deal with by showing whereabouts in π there are some highly specific pieces of hidden information, which could not possibly be the result of random chance. According to good scientific practice, this can be verified by anyone else who cares to look in detail at π.

To whet your appetites, here are 2 pieces of hidden information:
  1. I predict here the precise location (a 1 metre square patch of ground) of what turned out to be an artefact built out of stones to resemble a steam locomotive. The locomotive theme is part of an extended metaphor that runs throughout π, consisting of tunnels, columns, chimneys, mine shafts, and generally anything and everything to do with sex.
  2. I predict by two independent chains of logic here and here the location (a 100 metre square patch of ground) of an object (a tin mine) that unifies many other features that one finds in π.

Back in December 2005 when I first noticed some unusual structure in π, if I had been told that there was all of this material hidden in π, I would definitely not have believed it. However, over the months I have gradually acclimatised myself, and now I start from a default position where I immediately look closely at any unusual structure in any song on Kate Bush's new album Aerial. This has been immense fun, and it has reaped amazing dividends!