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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Kate Bush video

Channel 4 screened a "video exclusive" last night, in which we saw the new video for "King of the Mountain" by Kate Bush (I already mentioned KOTM here). The video was intriguing (to say the least!), and caused lots of puzzlement amongst her many fans on the main KB news forum (see here).

The video features Kate dressed in what looks like a trench coat, singing whilst swaying back and forth to the music, whilst being filmed from a point somewhere above her. A theme that runs through the whole video is Elvis Presley's clothes (minus Elvis himself) moving around (walking, flying, etc). Elvis is the target of the song's lyrics (see here). However, because this is all coming from the mind of Kate, it will have a deeply layered meaning, and maybe Elvis is a metaphor for someone else. Nothing KB does is as it superficially seems, and we can all have lots of fun trying to guess what the truth is.

Update: Judging by the Opinions on video thread on the Kate Bush discussion group her fans don't know what to make of the KOTM video. There is a lot of drivel written by people who have watched the video only once; that's a big mistake with KB material. Equally, there are overly protective people who want to silence the critics, whilst fondly imagining that KB is reading their postings. I think KB is doing nothing of the sort; her long-time track record is to ignore trends and opinions.


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